Safety Automation Measurement And Control

The Safety Laser Scanner is an electro-sensitive device for the protection of operators against the risk of accidents caused by industrial machines and plants with potentially dangerous moving parts and against possible collisions with Automatic Guiged Vehicles (AGV).

Using the Safety Laser Sensor, precise programmable horizntal protected areas of variable shape can be created (i.e. semi-circular, rectangular or segmented), suitable for all applications with no need of a separate reflective or receiving element.

It is also possible to use the Laser Scanner in a vertical position for the access protection to a dangerous area, in that case of the edge of the gate is mandatory.


Families - PHARO, HOKUYO


Light curtains for industrial and civil applications where it is necessary to detect, measure, and recognise objects.

Depending on the number and position of the beams engaged by an object, the measurement sensors can provide real time information to a PLC or PC in order to:

  • Detect the presence or absence of objects
  • perform a count
  • detect a position
  • detect a shape or a profile
  • measure dimensions



The range of accessories include:

  • columns and floor support columns
  • deflection mirrors for the realization of perimeter protection
  • laser alignment device
  • anti-vibration dampers
  • adjustable brackets
  • test rod
  • connection cables
  • protective screen


ATEX protective enclosures are designed to secure operators working in industrial potentially exposive atmospheres.

The cylindrical housing ATEX can fit the following safety light curtain REER familie: EOS.


Watertight enclosures allow light curtains and light grids to be used in a harsh working environments with exposure to water and stream.

The products protected by WT cases are capable of resisting to water jets under pressure IP69K protection rate.

H version (Heated) has a thermostatically-controlled heating system and can work down to -25degC.

F version with use of inert and non-toxic components allow WTF and WTFH enclosures to be used in the Food & Beverage industry, where frequent washdown procedures are requested.


The contactless safety sensors are used to monitor the position of the safety devices sliding, hinged or removable.


Magnus MG Series magnetic safety sensor

  • rectangular or cylindrical compact size
  • robust fiberglass housing
  • IP67 rating
  • coded tamper resistant
  • switching distance: from 3 to 10mm


Magnus RFID Series RFID safety sensor

  • rectangular compact size. Full mechanical competibility with Magnus MG Series
  • PBT/PC housing material
  • IP67 and IP69K protection grade for use in harsh environment
  • Tampering ptotection in accordance with DIN EN 14119, the highest in its class
  • switching distance: from 0.5 to 8mm
  • state-of-the-art RFID technology
  • 3 different coding levels: low, high, unique





Key Features

Mosaic is a safety hub able to manage all safety functions of a machinery or a plant.

Configurable and scalable.

Allow cost reductions and minimal wiring.

Mosaic can manage safety sensors and signals such as,

Light curtains, photocells, laser scanners, emergency stops, electromechanical switches, guard-lock safety door switches, magnetic switches safety mats andedges, two-hands controls, hand grip switches, encoders adn proximities for safety speed control.


  • ​Master Unit : M1
  • Communication: Field bus units, Interface connection units
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Safety Relay
  • Additional Inputs
  • Additional Outputs
  • Additional Input/Output
  • Additional No Safety Output
  • Accessories



Safety light curtains are electro sensitive device using one or more light beams, emitted by an Emitter and received by a Receiver, to create an intangible controlled area.


  • EOS4
  • EOS 2